Best Custom T-Shirt Design Ideas in 2021

A custom t-shirt is an affordable option for individuals who would like to invest in a clothing item that will stand out and make a great impression. It is a creative way to customize your wardrobe and express your personality. You can customize the colors, patterns, design, and wording on the shirts. This article will provide you with the best custom t-shirt design ideas that you can use to create your clothing and design it according to your taste.

Top Ideas for Custom T-shirt design

Watercolour T-shirts

Watercolour T-shirts Watercolour T-shirts are a popular fashion trend of the day. These shirts come in various colors and styles and can be worn to complement any outfit. Watercolour T-shirts are a fashion trend that has been on the rise lately. These tees come in many different colors and styles and can be paired with just about anything. Making Watercolour T-shirts is an easy and creative way to turn plain cotton T-shirts into something that will notify you. You'll need a blank T-shirt, fabric paint (watercolor paints work best), and a paintbrush. Start by applying a generous amount of paint to the T-shirt, and then use the brush to cover the area with light strokes. Wait until the paint is dry, and then wash the shirt. Repeat the process with other colors of paint to create a design for the T-shirt.

Tie-Dye T-shirts

Tie-Dye T-shirts Tie-dye is a mesmerizing and inescapable part of the 1950s and 60s. Generations of children and teenagers gravitated to tie-dye because of the material’s affordability and, more importantly, its rock and roll edge. With colors like cherry red, earth green, and cobalt blue, dyeing shirts at home was a way for adolescents to make their clothes stand out from the crowd. A tie-dye shirt is a fun way to make a splash for yourself or a friend’s birthday party. Instructions: Step 1: Prepare the Shirt. Wash and iron the shirt before tying it into place to ensure it won’t fray or become too stretched out. Step 2: Prepare the Tie-Dye Kit. Wash and wring out the bottles and mix the colors of dye that you’ll need. You may also want to sprinkle a few drops of fabric softener to keep the material from sticking to itself as you tie. Step 3: Start the Tie-Dye. Using one hand, begin to lightly crumple the material, rolling it down into a tight ball. With your other hand, press down on the top of the ball, which will create a small hole in the middle. Repeat this process until you have all the material. Step 4: Wash and Dry. Carefully remove the dye from the shirt by rinsing, wringing, and hanging to dry. You may need to repeat this process two or three times to get all the dye out. Afterward, wash it in cold water and dry it. Read also our guide about Bleaching a Black Shirt:

Stamp & Spray Designs

Stamp & Spray Designs T-shirts are often purchased with the intent to wear them, not necessarily to customize them. However, many people will still want to customize their t-shirts, for example, with Stamp & Spray. If you're looking for a way to express your true self and your distaste for the corporate world, then you should search no further! These stamp and spray designs will help you take your individuality and creativity and put them on display so the world can see. To prevent any color from bleed-through:
  1. Place a large strip of cardboard in the T-shirt before you begin.
  2. Apply the paint to your stamp and press it down on the fabric.
  3. Keep it still for a few seconds.
  4. Continue until you have a stamped line.
Let dry before you start to make stripes. Use masking tape to draw the stripes across your shirt. These stripes can be made thicker or thinner or a combination. Paint the tape lines using the same paint colors as the stamps. After the tape is dry, carefully remove it to expose the stripes.

Tips for better T-shirt designs

To make a successful t-shirt design, consider a few different things. Here are some tips to help you out. 1. Know what you want to achieve with your t-shirt design. One of the most important things to think about when creating your t-shirt design is your goal for it. You need to decide what you want your t-shirt to do or say. You should already have a reason before creating it. Maybe you want to promote a cause or a movie. Maybe you want to create a phrase to express your feelings, or maybe you want to make a statement with it. A simple goal like this can help you come up with the design. 2. Think about what kind of design you want to create. You should think about what type of design you want for your t-shirt. The key to creating a good t-shirt design is to find out what type of image or design you want. You should pick an image or design that is simple yet creative. This can be done by taking a photo that speaks to you and then picking a font to go with it. If you create your designs, you will have to think about what elements make the design flow. 3. Choose the best colors. This step is crucial to the success of your t-shirt design. There are a lot of different shades of black and white, but the color you choose will significantly affect the way the image or design looks. You can use the picture of your shirt as a guide for picking the right colors. Once you pick your colors, make sure to print them on your t-shirt so that you can see how they look. You can even create a mock-up of the t-shirt to ensure that you have chosen the colors correctly. 4. Add the best quality images. Once you have created your t-shirt design, you need to choose the best images for your shirt. There are a lot of different places where you can get the images for your t-shirt, but you need to make sure that the quality is right. You can print the images on paper first and see how they look, but make sure to go for high-quality images of good resolution. 5 . Add the correct font. The font you choose for your t-shirt will significantly affect the look of your design. There are a lot of different fonts that you can choose from, but make sure to keep the font size small. If you choose a very large font, the size of your t-shirt design will be too big. In the same way, the fonts need to be small to make the design look good. In the end, your design needs to look good and, at the same time, be easy to read.


We hope our above ideas for designing a Custom t-shirt will help you make a cool t-shirt that will go great with your style. You can also go for a design with two or more colors. This is a great way to make the t-shirt look good and at the same time bring in a lot of colors. If you want your t-shirt to stand out and be memorable, you can always choose a graphic design. This will make it easy for people to know where they are getting your custom t-shirt. Thanks for visiting our site(! Share it with your friends on social media if you enjoyed the above article. Video: