Top Funny Custom T-Shirt Ideas in 2021

Buying a gift can be difficult when looking for a gift for an upcoming birthday, coworker, or friend. That is why gift-giving just got easier because custom t-shirts are the gift to have this year! With so many funny custom t-shirt ideas available, you'll be able to find just the right gift for that special someone. In this article, we will break down Top Funny Custom T-Shirt for friends, family,...These custom t-shirts will be perfect for all occasions, from birthdays to Christmas, to get everyone in the mood for some laughs.

What Is the Common Process for T-shirt Design?

While there is a way to create your custom T-shirt from scratch, it's going to take time and loads of skill. But, if you're creative, have ideas, and want to do it, check out this guide on how to get started with a blank T-shirt design. How to Get Started with a Blank T-shirt Design. After you have decided on your shirt color and design, you're ready to get started! Here are a few tips on how to create your first T-shirt:

Select Your Thread Colors.

There is no hard and fast rule about what thread colors you can and cannot use. It's more of a personal choice. Use whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Decide on the Size of Your Shirt.

The most common sizes of shirts are: Small - Fits Size 4-6. Medium - Fits Size 6-8. Large - Fits Size 8-10. X-Large - Fits Size 10-12. XX-Large - Fits size 12-14. Make sure you do a test run on some scrap fabric before buying the shirts. The material you buy might be very different from the fabric you're working with.

Choose the Size of Design You Want.

There are two things to consider here: the size of your design and how much area you want to cover. For example, if you want to put a large design all over your shirt and you're only making it for yourself, you'll need to make sure that you have enough fabric. For a great design, you'll want to do a test run with a piece of scrap fabric. You can use this to guide how much area you need and how big your design needs to be.

Choose the Shape of Your Design.

Here are a few basic shapes that are commonly used: Circle. The circle is one of the most popular shapes, especially for small designs. This can make an elegant pattern when it's carefully drawn. It also makes for a versatile design when making an outfit since it can be used in any direction. Diamond. Another popular shape for designing shirts, it's an excellent choice for something like a sports jacket or jacket. Since it's long and narrow, it'll work well with most patterns. Also, it can still be used for jackets that are turned or tucked in or for girls' oversized shirts. Squared. This is another popular design, especially for girls' shirts. Although it's small and thin, it looks pretty cute if you make it big enough. You can also do something similar to this in a skinny dress if you want it to look thicker and longer. This will give you a good effect for both casual and formal outfits.

Best Funniest Custom T-Shirt Ideas


_Funny Custom T-Shirt - Jokes Laughter is the best medicine, and everyone loves a funny T-shirt. T-shirts with jokes are trendy, whether a simple one-liner or a comic-type graphic. You can further categorize them into niches according to the type of humor that they represent. A meme can be used to create a T-shirt design. Make sure that your humor doesn't become too personal if you want your shirt to sell quickly. Make your shirt a hot seller, ensure that the joke is relatable and funny.

Graphic Funny Tee Shirts

Graphic Funny Tee Shirt Graphic tee shirts have a design or lettering. They are printed using textile printing. These tee shirts are popular with girls and women because they cover the front as the graphic.

Funny Crop Tee-Shirt

Funny Crop Tee-Shirt Crop top tee shirts are casual, sleeveless, or short-sleeved garments for the upper body. They're a fun new t-shirt design that shows the belly usually worn by women and girls. These t-shirts are trendy and have been since last year (2016).


_Funny Custom T-Shirt - Retro There are many retro items that you can use to inspire your t-shirt design, from old TV characters and gaming to classic television shows. Retro t-shirts can make it easy to connect with others like you.


Funny Custom T-Shirt-Pets People will do anything for their pets, even turning them into influencers. There are t-shirts for every kind of pet, from common pets like cats and dogs to exotic animals like hedgehogs or iguanas. Wear a shirt to show your love for your pet.

Long Sleeve Funny T-Shirt

Long Sleeve Funny T-Shirt These funny shirts for men are either long-sleeve or full-sleeve. They have different images printed on them, which can be pretty catchy. This is a sign that you are a punk and trying to show your excellent attitude, so it's mostly men who wear them.

Custom Big Face Photo T-Shirt

Custom Big Face Photo T-Shirt (1)

Kawaii T-shirt

Kawaii T-shirt

Cut T-shirt

Cut T-shirt

Screameou T-shirt

Screameou T-shirt

Galaxy Paint T-shirt

Galaxy Paint T-shirt Read also our Best Custom T-Shirt Design Ideas:


How do I know what size shirt I am?

The best way to find your size is to measure a shirt that you know fits well and compare it to the charts on the manufacturer's website. Some brands may also offer a sizing calculator to calculate your size based on your measurements.

What are the benefits of customizing a t-shirt?

Customizing a t-shirt is a great way to let everyone know you have a particular interest. You can also put personal information on your t-shirt so that people will know something about you without the need to go to a website or share a lot of personal information. You can create a sense of belonging and a one-of-a-kind feeling with a customized t-shirt.

Is vinyl or screen printing better for your custom designs?

You can also create custom designs with screen printing, but the process is more expensive. Some people prefer to use vinyl because it's cheaper and more durable. There are advantages to both types of printing. If you want a t-shirt with a lot of information on it, vinyl is probably a better choice because it's stronger and easier to wash. Screen printing is excellent for logo designs, but a more simple design is better if you want something with a simplistic look.


Custom t-shirts are a great way to let people know what you like and let them know more about you. We hope these funny custom t-shirt ideas have inspired you to have a new idea for your t-shirt. Video: