How To Fold a Long Sleeve Shirt? Shirts Folding Techniques (2021)

The art of folding sleeve shirts just might surprise you as much as the idea of wearing them as part of your daily wardrobe. There are several ways that you can fold a shirt to either conserve space or to style the shirt into a different shape. In this article, you will learn How To Fold a Long Sleeve Shirt, Dress Shirt, Sweater. When you finish reading this article, you'll be able to simply and quickly fold long-sleeved shirts with these folding methods.

Benefits of Folding Long-Sleeved Shirts

Here are some benefits of folding long sleeve shirts: 1. Saving space in your closet by storing shirts folded 2. Avoiding wrinkles due to wrong folding 3. Easier to wear while you exercise, gardening, or just chilling. 4. Folding provides the uniform look of long sleeve shirt for casual dressing 5. Less likely to be noticed by people who are eyeing your closet 6. Shirt folds will naturally flatten out after some time without ironing it 7. Easier to organize your wardrobe 8. You can easily find a shirt or T-shirt from any place when they are neatly stacked Folding long sleeve shirts will not only help you save space but also increase your overall closet organization at the same time.

How to fold long-sleeve T-shirts?

Step 1: Find a flat surface. This is essential to avoid wrinkles when folding. Before you move on, smoothen and straighten the shirt. Step 2 involves folding the long sleeves into two halves. It doesn't matter which direction you fold a long-sleeve shirt. What matters is where you divide it. Pick a side to fold and roll with. Folding the long sleeves into two halves Step 3 involves folding the sleeves into triangular shapes. Start by folding your sleeves towards your shirt. Keep it pressed. It is a good idea to follow the armpit crease. Fold the sleeves in the opposite direction, just above the elbow. This creates the triangle. Folding the sleeves into triangular shapes Step 4 changes depending on where you store your shirts. Folding the shirts in half is sufficient if you plan to keep them on your shelves. This reduces the size of the shirts and allows you to stack them more efficiently. If you have many shirts to store, you will need a lot of surface area. If there are more than three shirts in a stack, it can be challenging to pull out the bottom shirts and cause shirts not to go. If you don't want your shirts to be stored in drawers, it is best to fold them into thirds. Condensed shirts will have more storage space and more room. You'll be able to display fewer shirts because they are smaller. If that isn't possible, try half sizes.

How to fold a long-sleeved dress shirt?

How to fold a long-sleeved dress shirt Some believe that hanging up your shirt to avoid wrinkles is the best thing. Sometimes, it is necessary to fold dress shirts due to space limitations or personal preference. When you travel, you will also need to know how to fold a dress shirt. To reduce wrinkles, hang up your dress shirt when you arrive at the hotel. These instructions will show you how to fold long-sleeve dress shirt sleeves quickly and effectively.
  • Place your dress shirt on a flat surface. You should button the shirt.
  • One sleeve should be folded horizontally across the shoulder. The side seams of the dress shirt should be about 1 inch in length.
  • Fold the sleeves down towards the body of your shirt. Make sure the sleeve is parallel to the side seam.
  • Continue the steps above with the second sleeve.
  • To make a halfway fold, bring the bottom of your shirt up to the collar.
To reduce wrinkles, make sure to take the time to smoothen your shirts before you fold them. You should not press too hard on the folded seams as this could cause unwanted wrinkles. Knowing how to iron a dress shirt can help reduce wrinkles. To save time, steam your dress shirts if you find wrinkles after they are folded. Ironing is faster and more efficient than steam. You can also steam your dress shirts by hanging them up in the bathroom while you take a shower. Make sure to turn off the bathroom fan to let the steam infiltrate the room. See our best methods to Fold a T-Shirt for Travel:

How to fold a long-sleeve sweater?

How to fold a long-sleeve sweater It can be challenging to fold bulky sweaters because of how thick they are before folding. These steps will help you fold long sleeves sweaters.
  • Place the sweater face-up in front of yourself with the sleeves spread out. Place the sweater face-up on a flat surface such as a table or a bed. Smoothen the sweater's surface and extend the sleeves to the sides.
  • Turn the right side of your sweater with the sleeves straight out. The outer right edge of your sweater should be folded in half. The right sleeve should be extended straight out. Lay it across your left arm so that it is almost parallel.
  • Fold the right sleeve inwardly so that it aligns with the first fold. The triangle shape is formed by folding the sleeves inwardly at the elbow. The cuff should be positioned at the bottom of your sweater.
  • To form a rectangle, repeat the process for the left side. As you did with your right arm, fold in the left side. The entire sweater will be a rectangle once you are done.
  • Fold the sweater in half from the bottom. This will create a rectangle shape that is strong enough to stand on its own. This will ensure that your sweaters are neatly folded.
  • When you are done, place your folded sweaters upright in drawers. You can see every piece of clothing clearly if you line them up in a row.
It is best to organize your sweaters by standing them up like files and placing them side-by-side across the drawer. This will allow you to see all of your sweaters when you open the sweater drawer. Video: Fold long sleeved t-shirts using The KonMari Method


Is it better to roll or fold clothes?

The answer to this question would depend on what you are trying to do. If you are looking for a convenient way to store clothes in your closet, folding clothes is probably the best option because you can easily stack them up. If you are looking for the most efficient way to pack clothes for travel, rolling clothes is probably the best option because it will save space and be easier to carry.

Should you hang or fold your shirts up?

The type of clothes you have in your closet may affect the decision you make when it comes to folding or hanging them up. You should hang up any pieces of clothing that are delicate, such as silk and satin, cotton and linen, and any other clothing that is made from a synthetic material such as plastic or polyester. You should fold any clothing that is flimsy, such as any type of T-shirt or other soft garments. You should use the same method for both types of clothing.

How to roll long shirt sleeves up and not have them fall down?

If you have a shirt with long sleeves, you can roll them up and they won't fall down. It's a little more difficult for women, but it is possible to roll a shirt with long sleeves up and have it stay up. First, place your thumbs on the inside of the cuff of the sleeve. Then, roll the sleeves up as far as you need to. After rolling up the sleeves, roll them back down so that the cuff is still visible. You can roll up and down your sleeves to get the perfect fit.

How to iron a long sleeve shirt?

The best way to iron a long sleeve shirt is to start by laying it out on a flat surface, with the sides facing the ground. Then grab your iron and press down on the shirt with it. Carefully fold the shirt so that you can see both sides. Iron the side of the shirt without any buttons. Then iron the front of the shirt. Next, take the back of the shirt and iron it. Finally, iron the sleeves.


Now you know the methods to fold your long sleeve shirts so that they look cool. These methods will ensure that you have easy access to all parts of the garment without having to unbutton them, making for hassle-free wear at home or at work. Thanks for reading my post on how to fold long sleeve shirts. If you have any questions, please use the comment box below. Keep following to get the latest updates.