How to Fold a T Shirt for Travel? Quick & Easy Tips (2021)

Traveling is always tiring, especially when you are toting around a bunch of luggage. Folding your favorite T-shirts is a great way to save space in your luggage and to keep them from getting wrinkled.

How to Fold a T Shirt for Travel? In this article, we will break down the easiest way to fold a button shirt for travel, a polo shirt, a button-down shirt, and a polo t-shirt! Read on to learn the easiest way to travel with t-shirts.

Folding T-Shirts Compactly

Step 1: Place the t-shirt flat on a surface with the front-facing up. If the t-shirt is printed with a logo or design, you can see it once you are done folding. It will be easier to fold t-shirts on a flat surface. You can place a piece of tissue paper on top of your shirt to prevent creasing before you begin folding. Place the t-shirt flat on a surface Step 2: Divide the t-shirt into thirds. Fold one side of the sleeves in. Fold in the opposite side. This will make a long rectangle. Fold a long-sleeved shirt back towards the edge. Fold any sleeve that extends beyond the edge of the shirt towards the bottom of the t-shirt. Fold one side of the sleeves in Step 3: Bring the collar of your t-shirt to the hem. Fold the t-shirt in half, bringing the collar down to the hem. This will result in a smaller rectangle. You can also leave your t-shirt folded as follows: Your t-shirt should now be flat. This allows you to stack multiple t-shirts in your suitcase. Bring the collar of your t-shirt to the hem Step 4: Fold the t-shirt in half again to reduce its size. To make the t-shirt smaller, fold it in half again. To make it even smaller, fold it again. Remember that the thicker your t-shirt is, the more you fold it. To save space and to be able to see all of your t-shirts at once, you can arrange several t-shirts vertically in your suitcase. Fold the t-shirt in half again to reduce its size

Rolling Your T-Shirts

This method is the easiest and fastest way to organize shirts. Simply start by taking a shirt and laying it on a flat surface. Roll up the shirt from one end to the other, pulling the material as tight as possible. Continue this process until all shirts are rolled up. If you are packing shirts that are not that wrinkle-resistant, then roll up the shirt inside out. Video:

How to fold a button T-shirt for traveling?

Folding a button shirt for travel is quick and easy. To fold a button-up shirt, first lay it out flat on the ground with the front-facing up. Put one hand on the top of the shirt, with your fingers touching the collar, and the other hand at the bottom of the shirt, with your fingers touching the hem. Next, fold the shirt in half with your hands so that the inside of the shirt faces up. It will look like a folded taco. Next, grab the bottom of the shirt and fold it back to where you have your fingers in step 2. Next, grab the top of the shirt and fold it over the bottom until you reach your fingers again. Now you have a button-up shirt that is folded up and ready to pack.

How do you fold polo shirts for travel?

The art of folding polo shirts is a finicky one. The polo shirt is a button-down shirt with two breast pockets and a placket with buttons on the front, which typically has a logo or a crest on it. I'll start with a basic fold. I'll first lay the shirt out on a flat surface, button-side down. Next, I'll start at the bottom of the shirt, near the hem, and bring the left front corner to meet the right corner of the shirt. Next, I'll bring the bottom corner of the left breast to meet the top corner of the right breast. Then I'll bring the bottom of the collar to meet the top of the shirt. To finish, I'll just press all the seams and fold flat. Polo shirts can be a bit tricky to fold, but it's a skill that's definitely worth developing. Video:


How do I keep dress shirts from wrinkling during travel?

Pack your dress shirts carefully in a garment bag or suitcase. Place your shirts on the bottom of the bag, turn them to the inside, and fold the hems up so they don't get squished. Pack heavier items, such as jeans, first. Put your shirts in the bag, placing them on top of heavy items.

Should I roll or fold the shirt?

Some people prefer to fold their shirt neatly before placing it in their suitcase, but others argue that it will wrinkle less if you simply roll it up. The best way to find out which method works best for you is to try both!

Is it better to stack or roll socks for packing?

Most people who travel for business prefer to stack their socks. This is because stacking saves space in the suitcase. Rolling socks can be done, but you need to take care not to roll up any of the clothing that's in the suitcase with the socks. Rolling socks allows for more than one pair to be packed into a small space, but oftentimes it will make the clothing in the suitcase wrinkled.


With this guide, you now can fold your T-Shirts neatly and efficiently for your next trip! Consider trying these tips when packing your next suitcase, and remember to take care of your clothes when you're on the road. Thanks for reading visiting our website! If you know any other better hacks, please leave a comment below. Check also our guide on How To Fold A Long Sleeve Shirt.