How to Get Deodorant Stains out of Black Shirts? 10 Best Methods (2021)

How to Get Deodorant Stains out of Black Shirts? Most people know that white t-shirts are the worst offenders when it comes to obtaining ugly sweat stains. However, some people are unaware that black shirts can be just as vulnerable.

Though deodorant is usually left on the shirt, there are some cases when the deodorant is dripped down onto the black shirt. When this happens, it is important to get the stain out of the shirt quickly before the underarms of the shirt become stained with deodorant. There are a few quick and easy methods for removing these pesky stains with minimal effort. Let's explore

10 Effective Ways to get deodorant stains out of black shirts

Scrub with Nylon Stockings

This method is often used in the fashion industry. A nylon stocking, which can be found at any grocery store, can remove deodorant stains from a black shirt in a matter of seconds. The wet nylon stocking is simply placed over the stain and the excess deodorant is brushed off. The nylon helps remove the stain from the shirt, so there is no need to scrub too hard with a toothbrush.

Lime-Away with Tide Free & Gentle

Lime-Away with Tide Free & Gentle Although lime-a-way is effective in removing stubborn stains, it can cause damage to clothing. Mix 50% Lime-Away with 10% Tide-Free and Gentle water to make it safer. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the deodorant stain. This is an easy way to remove deodorant from shirts.

Use "Shout" deodorant

This deodorant can be found at any pharmacy and drug store. The deodorant works as a stain remover and helps remove the deodorant stains from shirts. Simply pour some shout into a spray bottle, then add water to it until it reaches about 1/4 inch thickness. Spray the "Shout" onto a shirt, and let it sit for a few minutes. The "Shout" should have a clear solution at the end of the bottle after about ten minutes. Apply to a shirt, and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the shirt has been treated with "Shout" the stains should be gone! You will not see any white lines on the shirt when looking closely, but if you look closer you will notice they are actually gone.

Water and lemon juice

Water and lemon juice If you have ever found yourself washing your black shirts in the delicate cycle because you could not get rid of that funky smell, then you should try this. Simply add 1 tablespoon of baking soda and ½ teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to a glass or plastic container with 1 liter of water. Soak your black shirt in the mixture overnight. Submerge the shirt into the washing machine with other clothes, and wash it as usual. After washing, remove the shirt from the machine and hang it to dry. Once you've done that a few times your clothes will be as good as new.

Baking Soda & Water

This recipe works for shirts, pants, sheets, and towels. It's simple and effective. Baking soda is a cheap and economical choice for this trick. This is a good idea for those of you who have been using dryer sheets to get rid of stains. However, baking soda will eliminate most odors as well as make the fabric softer. You can find baking soda at any grocery store or Walmart in the laundry aisle.

Use Dish Soap & Hydrogen Peroxide

Deodorant can be one of the most stubborn stains on a shirt, with or without the odor. We know from experience that several people have had luck using dish soap and hydrogen peroxide to remove deodorant stains from their clothing. We've even found it to work on stain-resistant clothing like vinyl, canvas, and leather.

White vinegar

After soaking the stain in vinegar for around an hour, scrub the stain with a clean toothbrush. Next, wash the garment with a biological detergent. White vinegar can be used to soak deodorant stains. This is good for both white and colored clothes.

Ammonia & oxygen-based Bleach

Ammonia & oxygen-based Bleach You will need rubber gloves to perform this technique. Mix equal amounts of ammonia with oxygen-based bleach. It should be about two tablespoons each. Use an old toothbrush (but clean) to apply the solution to the stain. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes, then rinse as usual. You must use oxygen-based bleach and not chlorine bleach. When combined, chlorine-based bleach with ammonia can create deadly gasses.

Stain Remover Off-the-Shelf

If you don't know how to remove deodorant from clothes, you can purchase a pre-packaged stain removal product from your local store. Krud Kutter and OxiClean Max Force are two highly effective products. Both products come in spray bottles. Spray the solution on the area and let it sit for at least 5-10 minutes. Then, put your shirts in the washer.

Denture Tablets

Did you know that denture tablets can also be used for other purposes? Learn how to remove deodorant stains on clothes with denture tablets. You will need to dissolve four denture tablets in a bowl of water. Place your stained shirt in the bucket. Leave it there for at least 8 hours. Wash as usual. Check out How to Make an Acid Wash T-Shirt:

How to Prevent Deodorant Stains Before They Happen?

How to Prevent Deodorant Stains Before They Happen You must make sure you are using an antiperspirant, not a deodorant. Deodorants will not stop wetness, while antiperspirants will. There are two main ways to prevent deodorant stains before they happen: either switching to antiperspirant or adjusting your daily hygiene routine. You can adjust your daily hygiene routine by washing the armpits every day with soap and water and showering regularly. Alternatively, you can switch to antiperspirant and stick with it for the long term. Try to switch every three months to a different brand of antiperspirant to prevent deodorant stain build-up and re-staining. Make sure you are using a spray-on antiperspirant with little or no fragrance, as the strong fragrance will sometimes be mistaken for wetness by others. Also try to refrain from wearing tight clothing that may cause moisture buildup in the underarm area, such as tights or skinny jeans. Choose an antiperspirant that does not contain aluminum. The reason for this is that aluminum can cause permanent discoloration of your skin. Video:


Now you can apply the above methods to get deodorant stains out of black shirts easily and effectively. hopes these tips help you to keep your shirt clean and smelling great! We do understand that you may still find yourself having trouble removing deodorant Stains from your black shirts, and we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our article and we wish you all the best in maintaining stain-free.