How To Iron a Picture On a Shirt? Step by Step Guide (2021)

Many people find that the process of ironing a picture onto a shirt is time consuming and tedious. The art of being able to have a nice clean design that looks as if it is right on the shirt can be tricky. The following article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to iron a picture on a shirt easily. Read on our guide below to find out how.

How to Iron a Picture onto A Shirt?

How to Iron a Picture on A Shirt - DIY steps Let me now show you how to iron a photo on your shirt without damaging it or cracking. Step 1 Prepare the shirt and photo. The first step is to iron out any wrinkles from your shirt. Place your image face-down on the shirt's backside. Place the image in the exact spot you want it to be worn. If you don't want the image to look backward, you may use a mirror. Step 2 Then iron the photo. Once your shirt is dry, place the picture on your iron. Press firmly, but don't be too firm to avoid damaging your image. You should iron the entire image. Iron multiple photos at once. Step 3 You can choose to press cotton (or synthetic) on the label of your shirt. This will indicate which temperature setting you should use. For most shirts, a standard-setting should be sufficient. However, synthetic fabrics might require a higher temperature setting. Normal heat can be used to press a shirt made from cotton or a blend of cotton. If your shirt is made of polyester or synthetic fiber, you can press the shirt with normal heat. Step 4 Remove any fabric that was ironed beyond your design. This part can be tricky, so make sure you have sharp scissors. To ensure the image is transferred to the shirt, you will likely need to trim a portion of your shirt. Step 5 Continue pressing until all images are transferred to your shirt. Continue ironing until all of the images adhere to your fabric. You can trim any edges that are too thin or white with a pair of scissors. If done correctly, the picture should stick to the shirt clearly and thoroughly. Step 6 You're done! Congratulations! Congratulations! You have just learned how to iron an image onto your shirt. You can now plan your next hairstyle or character design that you will transfer to another piece. Thank you for reading, and best of luck with your future experiments and crafts! Video:

Tips to Iron a Picture on A Shirt

Tips to Iron a Picture on A Shirt

Choose the Right Picture

Before you can iron on a picture, you must first choose which picture you will be using. You can choose from several different sizes and different types of picture. Some people find ironing a picture on a shirt easier if they stick to their own particular style, such as a crazy cartoon or a crazy sports picture. Some people find it easier to use a scene from a movie or a historical picture. These are the most popular choices, but feel free to choose what you would like to see on your shirt.

Select the Right Iron

Before you can actually iron on a picture, you must first select the type of iron that will be suitable for this particular project. Here are the different types of irons: Spot iron Spot ironing is best for use on light, thin fabric such as denim or cotton, as it will cause you much less damage to the garment. However, you cannot use a spot iron on heavier fabrics such as leather or vinyl. It is also ideal for the top few inches of cloth; it will not damage or remove the special fibers that make up most fabrics and textile blends. Steam iron The only difference between a steam iron and a regular iron is that you use a special tip on the steam tip to add water. This will cause the fabric to "steam" so that it is easier to iron on. Combination iron You can use this type of iron to do both steaming and ironing. They are designed so that you can use the steam feature to get rid of wrinkles, while you can also use it to do regular ironing. You can use this type of iron for all fabrics except sheer fabrics, satin, and most blends of fabric. However, you have to be very careful with the iron. Do not place it directly on the shirt, because this will burn the image. Always put a cloth between the iron and the picture. Read also our guide on How to Heat Press a T-Shirt:


Ironing a picture onto a shirt might seem like an impossible task, but it's surprisingly simple if you know the steps. It simple process, given a high-power iron and a couple of household tools. The key to a successful picture transfer is making sure the heat from the iron is applied for a significant amount of time. We hope this guide has helped you Iron a Picture On your Shirt easier and in less time. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below and we will help you out as soon as possible.