How To Make an Oversized T Shirt Cute Without Cutting? (2021)

Finding a cute oversized t-shirt can be hard, but not impossible. You can make an oversized shirt look cuter with the right accessories and styling tricks. It's important to be comfortable in your clothes and choose what you want, rather than following trends to the letter.

In this guide, we will be showing you How To Make an Oversized T-Shirt Cute Without Cutting. If you are new to oversized clothes, it might be hard to know where to start, but these tips will help you pick the right piece of clothing for you.

9 Fantastic Ways To Make an Oversized T-Shirt Cute

Turn it into a Crop Top with a Knot at the Front

Turn it into a Crop Top with a Knot at the Front Step 1. Wear your T-shirt in an oversize size with your favorite mini skirt or jeans. Step 2. Gather all excess fabric from the front of your T-shirt and hold it in one-handed. The T-shirt will become more fitted around your body. It should not be too tight that it makes you uncomfortable. Step 3. Tie a large knot with the fabric you're holding onto your T-shirt. The knot should be placed on your navel. This will transform your T-shirt from an oversize to a crop top that you can quickly wear outside. Step 4. The size of your knot on the T-shirt can be adjusted to adjust the length of your top.

Make it a Crop Top with a Knot at the Back.

Step 1. Wear your large T-shirt. Wear your T-shirt and decide what you want to do with it. Step 2. Gather any excess fabric from the back of the T-shirt. You can gather as much or as little fabric as you want to adjust the length of the T-shirt around your body. You can reduce the amount of fabric on your T-shirt if you wish to cover as much of yourself as possible. Step 3. Tie your gathered fabric to the back of your T-shirt. This will reduce the bulkiness of the crop top at the front. You can ask a friend if you have trouble tying the knot in the back.

Tie a Bow to the T-shirt

Tie a Bow to the T-shirt Step 1: Wear your oversized T-shirt with jeans or any other pants that have belt loops. Step 2: Gather excess fabric from the right side and pass it through the belt loop directly in front. Step 3: Gather any excess fabric from the left-hand side and insert it through the same belt loop. Step 4: Adjust your T-shirt and bow length so your T-shirt fits nicely on your jeans. Make sure your belt loops and bow are not too large.

Convert it into a Cropped Cardigan

Step 1. Wear your oversized T-shirt. Step 2. You can take all excess fabric from the front, base, and neck of the T-shirt. Tuck it in the neck. Next, pull the excess fabric down. Step 3. This then forms a sort of cropped cardigan.

Tuck in the T-shirt

Step 1: Pair the oversized T-shirt and shorts with jeans or a pair of jeans. Step 2: Tie your T-shirt in the back. Step 3: Before you tuck your T-shirt in the front, pinch the sides and lift them above your bottoms. Next, place the sides over each other and tuck. This will make a V-shaped shape on your T-shirt above your bottoms. Pins can be used to fix the front of your T-shirt in the same place that you tucked it before.

Make A Knot on the Side of The T-shirt

Make A Knot on the Side of The T-shirt Step 1. Wear your T-shirt and jeans. Step 2. Gather excess fabric from one side of your T-shirt and tie it. To hold the excess fabric in place, you can use a hair tie. To cover the hair tie, you can use a scarf. You can quickly transform an oversize T-shirt into a cute top by simply cutting and sewing.

Tie with a Scarf

Step 1: Pair your T-shirt and any jeans, shorts, or skirt with your T-shirt. Step 2: Pull the T-shirt's front section together with one hand. Step 3: Tie a scarf around your body at the end of any excess fabric. Step 4: Under the T-shirt, tuck in the rest of the fabric. The scarf will keep the fabric in place and prevent it from moving around.

Wear it with a Chain Belt

Wear it with a Chain Belt Step 1. Wear your T-shirt in the oversize size. It can be worn with jeans or shorts, which may not be visible underneath the T-shirt. Step 2. Step 2. The belt contours the T-shirt at your waist, making it and the wearer of it cute. Your T-shirt can be accented with a gold or silver-plated chain belt, depending on the color. Step 3. If it is cold, you can add a denim jacket.

Twisted Under Tie

Step 1: Put on your entire outfit. Lift the front of the T-shirt and place your hand at the base of the bra. Step 2: Take your T-shirt in your hands and grab some fabric. Step 3: Twist, pull, and tie this fabric. The T-shirt's front will cover the jeans and create a cute design on the stomach. Step 4: Tie a second tie at the back to make it look like the front. This knot can be tucked into the T-shirt or left hanging. Check out How to Style a Button-Down Shirt:

Fashion tips for wearing oversized t-shirts

While many people see oversized shirts as items of comfort, they actually make great pieces of clothing when paired with the right pieces. This fashion piece has come a long way in recent years, with high-end brands releasing designer versions of these off-the-rack garments. While there's no "real" right or wrong when it comes to wearing your favorite tee, here are some fashion tips to help you take it up a notch when heading out in public. Look simple. Think of it this way, oversized t-shirts make great items of apparel when you are looking for something more casual. Since you are wearing it for comfort, don't try to dress it up too much. Instead, let the simple details take over. Matching your shoes to the tee is a good choice, as is wearing jeans that are slightly ripped or distressed. Even the shirt you're wearing can tell a story; it can be in dark shades of reds and blues, or in brighter shades like yellow, pink, or orange. Using the right accessories. Since the key to wearing oversized shirts is keeping them simple, we can't emphasize enough on bringing the right accessories along for the ride. Buttons, tassels, drawstrings, rickrack, and fringes are all the right way to dress up an oversized shirt. You can use a belt around your waist to give the shirt a neat finish, or for a more casual look, simply wear a nice buttoned-down jacket with it. With a slight touch of color. Although oversized shirts are meant to be simple, the right thing to do with them is to add a tiny bit of color to balance it all out. Add a colored shawl to give it a modern edge, or wear one in an entirely different shade than the shirt for a fresh look. If you are feeling more daring, try wearing them with colorful skinny jeans or a leather moto jacket! Read next the best ways to Style a T-Shirt:


To sum it up, for an oversized shirt, you can get cute clothing accessories and style tricks to help them look trendy and trendy at the same time. These tips are very easy to do, but if you want it to look even chicer, you can get the right accessories to make it extra cute. Thanks for reading! Hopefully, you got some good ideas on how to wear oversized clothes. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below! Video: