How to Style a Button Down Shirt For Men & Women (2021)

How to Style a Button-Down Shirt For Men? Button-down shirts are versatile, timeless pieces of clothing. Button downs come in all kinds of patterns and colors and can be mixed and matched with various bottoms and shoes. There are some ways to style a button-down shirt to wear it best, and we've gathered some of the top styles into this handy guide. Let's get started!

What is a button-down shirt?

Button-down shirts (also known as button-up shirt) is a classic look and feel. The term refers to the buttons on the shirt rather than any collar. A button-down shirt can be made from 100% cotton, blended with different materials such as linen, wool, silk, or polyester for sturdiness and breathability. They can range in size from regular fit to loose fits like oversize. However you like your fit, there is undoubtedly a button-down out there.

Different Ways to Style a Button-Down Shirt


How to Style a Button-Down Shirt (1) It's never been a bad idea to wear oversized clothes. An oversized button-down shirt is a great choice. Style it with classic straight jeans, cool sunglasses, and boots with 3-4 inch heels. The whole ensemble will give you vintage vibes when worn together.


Layering your clothes is key to fashion success. This is a great way to recycle old clothes and show off a button-down shirt. It can be worn underneath a slip dress to make it suitable for work. It can be worn under a thin-strapped skater dress and paired with sneakers for a date night.

Take it off your shoulders

Button Down Shirt style - Take it off your shoulders A button-down shirt can also be styled by being lowered from the shoulders. It's easy. Take a shirt one size larger than the one you usually wear and open the buttons. Then, slide it off your shoulders. You can complete the look by adding a pair of coordinating heels and hoop earrings in silver or gold.

Pantsuit under a Pantsuit

A classic way to wear a button-down shirt with style is to pair it with a trouser suit. Pair a matching pair of pantsuits with a striped cotton blouse. This combination is perfect for a conference at work or a formal business meeting with clients.

Half-Tucked into Jeans

Button Down Shirt style - Take it off your shoulders (1) A tuck that is not traditional can make all the difference. To channel cool-girl style, I like to play with an untucked half-tuck. This makes a significant visual impact when worn with simple denim.

With a Moto Jacket

The button-down white top can be made more interesting by adding edgy details. They're the perfect choice for a transitional look, whether a leather jacket or faux leather leggings.

Easy Crop Top

Button Down Shirt style - Easy Crop Top A button-down shirt can be styled in a crop top. This style is excellent for a night out with friends or on a date. Pull your shirt out and take a look at the mirror. Tie the ends together in a cute knot.

Fashion Update

Don't settle for a boring, plain oxford. Shop for more fashionable pieces. You can choose pieces that have exaggerated bell sleeves and color blocking. Team the button-down, wide-ledge-leg flared jeans with block, heels, and a square-box handbag for a high-end look. Check out the best ways to Style a T-Shirt:

Belt It

Button Down Shirt style - Belt It If you have an oversized shirt in your closet, don't be afraid to wear it. Pair it with a pair of denim pants that are the same length as the shirt. A belt or fanny-pack tied around the waist will complete your overall look. For a relaxed look on the streets, you can leave the top two buttons unbuttoned.

Playing with Designs

Designing it ideally is about giving the essential pieces of clothing a unique, modern look. You don't have to go bold with your button-down shirt. Wear your oxford shirt with floral denim or printed jeggings and mules in bold colors. You can leave the last 3-4 buttons open on your shirt or do the half-in/half-out design.

Tucked into denim cutoffs

Denim can be worn in any way you like, but a white button-down shirt is a great addition to the look. It looks so chic paired with a designer belt. You can dress it down with simple loafers or spice it up by adding a pair of heels.

Underneath A Blazer

Button Down Shirt style - Underneath A Blazer This staple can also be transformed by outerwear. For a more sophisticated look, add a blazer to complement casual bottoms such as distressed denim.

Go High Waist

A button-down shirt can be worn with high-waisted bottoms for a fresh, polished look. The shirt can be tucked in, but it should still be loose enough to allow for air circulation. Add a pair of bold cat-eye sunglasses to complete the look, as well as a small bag and cute espadrilles.


What to wear with a button-up shirt?

A button-up shirt is a typical garment, so you want to avoid looking boring. Instead, choose a scarf or a belt to tie around your waist. You can then pair this with a patterned shirt or skinny jeans and a loose-fitting pair of trousers. A skirt or A-line dress is very popular with many men but can look slightly frumpy if worn with a button-up shirt.

How to wear a button-down shirt with jeans?

The most common way to wear button-down shirts with jeans is to tuck the shirt in at the front but leave it out at the back. This way, it's still tucked in but is slightly looser around the bottom. Button-down shirts are also often worn unbuttoned at the front to show off the waistband of the jeans. Some men also button the bottom two buttons before slipping into a pair of pants to draw attention away from the belt. This helps keep the bottom of the button-down tucked in.

How to accessorize a button-down shirt?

To accessorize a button-down shirt, one must first consider the occasion for which the shirt is being worn. For a formal event, you should accessorize with a pocket square, cufflinks, and a tie. For a more casual event, it is acceptable to wear a button-down shirt without any other accessories.

How to wear a button-down shirt casually?

Button-down shirts can be dressed up with a suit or worn more casually with jeans. Wearing button-down shirts casually is generally more common than dressing them up. This is because they are usually worn with jeans, which is a more casual fabric. They are generally paired with khakis, shorts, or jeans. These pieces of clothing give the outfit a laid-back vibe. There are, however, occasions when wearing a button-down shirt casually can be stylish. For example, you can wear them while dining in or while hanging out at home.


A button-down shirt is a versatile piece that can be worn to work or on the weekend with different fabrics. It can be paired with many different pants, shorts, and even jeans to create your style. Furthermore, it comes in various colors and patterns, so you are sure to find one that suits your taste. We hope this guide has helped you choose some Button-Down Shirt Styles. Please let us know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions by leaving a comment on the page. Thanks for visiting our website Video: 10 Ways to Style a White Shirt | Men's Fashion | Parker York Smith