How to Style a T Shirt? Best Ideas in 2021

How to Style a T Shirt? Wearing a t-shirt has never been more fun and easy than it is today. Beyond the basics of layering and wearing with everything, there are also new options for styling with fashion trends.

Here's how to make your t-shirt stand out and look fashionable. T-shirts can be hard to dress up, but with some creativity and new styles, you'll be able to make the most of this staple in your wardrobe.

11 Cool Ways To Style a T-Shirt Like a Pro

Layer It Under a Lace Tanktop

Layer T-Shirt Under a Lace Tanktop (1)   Although Kendall Jenner may not be the model-off-duty hero we all have, we can still copy some of her styling secrets. We love her ability to layer and make it seem effortless. She was wearing a delicate bralette with a cotton crewneck tee and ripped jeans. This look is possible in real life. Her lingerie is by Anine Bing and retails for $100. We would substitute the bralette, which can be challenging to replicate in real life, for a camisole featuring delicate spaghetti straps. You can be creative with lace, velvet, and silk to add a boudoir-chic touch to your casual tee. Don't forget to add a casual finishing touch that gives your ensemble an unstudied cool look: Vintage-y ripped pants.

Pair it with a Suit

Pair T-Shirt with a Suit We are sure you don't wear a suit very often. We are not joking! A matching jacket and top or pants, or leather skirt and jacket are all considered the same thing. This type of outfit can be achieved with coordinating separates. What goes well with matchy-matchy best? A fun, irreverent tee-shirt. It is essential to get the suit or separates away from their boring office backgrounds and give them a sense of fun and style. You can transform a pajama or blazer-and-trousers set with a graphic tee to express your pride in feminism or your favorite destination. No judgments! You can make the t-shirt a fashion statement and conversation piece.

Tucked in with wide-leg jeans

Tucked T- Shirt in with wide-leg jeans It's so fashionable to tuck a graphic shirt into chino or denim trousers. Wear it with your favorite shoulder bag, pointed-toe loafers, and you'll be *swoon. This bold and beautiful combination is one I will be wearing all year.

Pair with distressed shorts

This look is easy to put together, and it's one of my favorite outfit ideas for warmer temperatures. For an elegant, relaxed look that you will wear again and again, grab your go-to pair of distressed denim shorts. Pair it with your favorite graphic shirt.

Rock a Cropped Tee with a Ladylike Skirt

Rock a Cropped Tee with a Ladylike Skirt For more coverage, you can layer yours with a sweater or jacket over it. Trust us; the cropped shirt trend does not have to be intimidating. It's possible to pair a short shirt with a high-waisted top and show very little of your midsection. Or, you can just show a small amount. As we mentioned, layering over or under a t-shirt can make a big difference. The cropped tee shirt can be an excellent option for anyone looking to try this trend.

With a Matching set

A graphic tee paired with a matching blazer and short set is a great way to go if you love matchy pieces. It will take you less than five minutes to get it ready and then put it on. Add a bold crossbody and sunnies to your look.

Rocked in an oversized denim jacket

Rocked in an oversized denim jacket A slouchy jacket in denim with a loose-fitting graphic top and wide-leg jeans will say, "I'm on a coffee run, but I also want to run into Harry Styles on the street and make a move." You can pair it with a Canadian denim-on denim jumpsuit for a vintage look that will get you extra credit.

Size up in bike shorts

A pair of biker shorts and an oversized graphic tee are two of my favorite outfit combinations. This combination screams effortless cool-girl vibes, and it is easy to recreate. This is a great way to look trendy without trying at the grocery store. It can be worn for casual days when you just want to look cute and not have to do much.

Wear it Under a Slip Dress

Wear T-Shirt Under a Slip Dress In 2017, the 90s are still going strong. Although older women might be hesitant to re-create this look (we aren't judging, skip to #6), we think it is fun and versatile enough for those under 35. It can be dressed up or down for day and night. A white tee and sneakers can take you to brunch. While a black tee and ankle boots will go well under your slip dress for mid-week date nights, they will look great for work. We understand if you are concerned about wrinkles and bulk. You can wear a bodysuit instead of a standard t-shirt. You can also find a tee with lots of stretches that hug your body. For a sleek and smooth layer underneath your slip, you can tuck the seam into a mini-shapewear skirt.

Get dressed up in a tailored pair of pants

Is this not a glamorous, unexpected outfit? For a chic, unexpected look, tuck a graphic shirt into a pair of tailored power pants. Pair it with pointed-toe heels, a belt, and chic jewelry. This is a fabulous combination.

Dress up in leather

Dressed up T Shirt with leather jacket My graphic tee is paired with a leather jacket or leather skirt if I'm out on the town with my girls. This outfit formula takes out the worry of the WTF am I going on tonight? dilemma. This is a great way to dress up a casual tee, and it looks fantastic.


Every woman looks great in a T-shirt. All you need to do is know how to dress it up or down. We hope these given ideas will help you to stay stylish and cool with T-shirts. If you're still thinking about buying a T-shirt for yourself, you will definitely fall in love with it. It will give you an amazing feeling of comfort. Plus, you'll want to wear it with everything. Thanks for reading our guide. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please leave them in the comments below. Video: