How To Tie a Button Up Shirt? A Simple Guide (2021)

Everyone knows the frustration of untying a button-up shirt! If you're like most people, the first time you tried buttoning up a blouse or shirt was frustrating. You either missed the buttons or they popped off. Maybe you even got the sleeves stuck behind the buttons. Today is going to teach you how to tie a button up shirt. It's super easy and will make getting dressed in the morning that much easier!

Way To Tie A Button-Up Shirt

A button-up shirt is a very versatile article of clothing. You can wear it to work, date night, or even running errands. If you're looking for a way to tie your button-up shirt, here are step by step guide to try out. Step 1: Button your shirt (and unbutton it) Wear your button-down shirt, and the buttons at the bottom should be left unbuttoned. The top of the unbuttoned buttons will be where your knot will be. Fold the back part of your shirt in half to measure the same length as the front knot. Step 2: Reverse Loop The shirttail without buttons should be tucked behind your shirt close to your skin. Pass the shirttail through the space between the button at the bottom. The shirttail should be pulled tight. Tie A Button Up Shirt - Reverse Loop Step 3: Continue with the other side. Repeat the reverse loop with the shirttail, the one without the buttons. The shirttail should be pulled behind your skin and threaded through the space between the button at the bottom. Keep the shirttail close. Step 4: Complete the Knot Pull the shirttails together. To tie the tie, cross them and then knot them one more time. Voila! Voila! A fitted, smooth, and most certainly not frumpy, button-down shirt with a knotted collar. These small styling tips can make a big difference. One simple trick is to tie a knot. This will instantly change the appearance of a button-down shirt that you have worn thousands of times. Tie A Button Up Shirt - Complete the Knot

How Do you Keep a Button-up Shirt from Opening?

There are a few reasons a button-up shirt can open, but a few ways to fix it. Whether the buttons have popped off, or you need a little extra room for a meal at a local restaurant, here are a few helpful tips on how to keep a button-up shirt from opening. 1. Tuck in Your Shirt Always make sure you have a button undone in your shirt when going out in public. This will let the shirt spread open just enough for you to be comfortable. 2. Wear a Long Tie If your buttons come undone when wearing a long tie, simply undo one more button and tuck the tail of the tie inside of the unbuttoned area of the shirt. When the tail of the tie is tucked inside, the button will hold it in place. 3. Button Down the Collar If your buttons are popping off all of a sudden, wear a button-down collar to prevent the shirt from opening in the first place. 4. Wear a Plaid Shirt Plaids are great for hiding buttons that have come undone, and it also looks really cool! You can get plaid shirts with your favorite design, or get one with pre-cut sleeves to save time. If you’re brave, buy an extra size so that you have options if some buttons come undone before you reach your destination. 5. Tie a Bowtie A bowtie never goes out of style, and a loose tie doesn’t have to be worn with a collared shirt! Read also How to Style a T Shirt:


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