What Color Shirt Goes With Grey Pants? Trendy Outfit Ideas (2021)

If you are struggling to find the right color of shirt to wear with your grey pants, it's time to try something new.

There are many situations in which you may need to choose an outfit. Whether it's for work, for a date, or for an event, it can be hard to know what to wear. Depending on the color of your pants, you will want to pair them with different colors in the same color family. Read on our guide below to find out What color shirt goes with grey pants.

What Color Matches Gray Pants For Men & Women?

The lightest option is the one you should start with. The light grey pants are great for dressing up or down and can be worn anywhere in between. White Shirt White Shirt and gray pant Ok, we are aware that this is not the most creative option. But seriously, pairing light gray pants with a white blouse or shirt is a killer look. You can also add a boldly-colored blazer to make your outfit more stylish. Navy Shirt Navy Shirt and gray pant Navy is another classic option. You can't go wrong when wearing light gray pants. This classic pair complements each other well for the perfect contrast without affecting the overall color scheme. Pastel-colored Shirt You'll love light grey pants if you love cool colors. The possibilities are limitless when you combine light grey pants with pastel or cool-colored shirts. To avoid compromising the flow of the pastel outfit, pair it with a lighter shoe. Black Shirt Black Shirt and gray pant Do you think black is boring, too simple, or too similar to grey? You might be wrong. Grey trousers look great with black tops. They are sophisticated and well-put-together but don't make the outfit too dark or unicolor. Add a pair of black sneakers for a casual, unexpected twist to the look. Blue Shirt You've probably already seen navy, but what about denim blue? Almost any true blue can be used with grey. These colors can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. Blue is the perfect color to symbolize masculinity and strength. Pink Shirt Pink Shirt and Gray Pant Ah, pink. The classic pastel pink looks great with grey pants. It doesn't matter what kind of pink you choose. This lightly printed pink blouse goes well with the high-style grey trousers for ladies. Men, don't forget pink! Do not let your guard down and take in all the beautiful colors the world has to provide! Patterned Shirt Patterned Shirt and Gray Pant Are you bold and creative? You can wear bold patterns with light grey pants for females if you also wear grey pants. You may find it helpful to stick to black and white patterns, as shown above, to maintain the color scheme and not make your outfit look too messy or confusing.

What Shoes Should You Wear With Grey Pants?

What Shoes Should You Wear With Grey Pants Your outfit will be judged by the shoe color you wear with your gray pants, just like your shirt. You should choose a color that suits your style. Some colors are more formal than others. Grey Pants and Brown Shoes Brown shoes are one of the most versatile, especially when paired with grey trousers. Classic leather colors like chocolate and chestnut look great with more formal outfits. To give your outfit a bold, fresh look, you can mix in natural or British tan leather shoes with light grey pants. Modern fashion is seeing brown shoes worn with black or dark grey pants. Don't be afraid of taking inspiration from runway looks and red carpet looks. Grey Pants Burgundy Shoes Burgundy shoes look great with grey pants. Although burgundy is not as familiar as other leather shades, it is still a popular choice for men's footwear. However, it tends to be more formal than the other colors. To complement red tones, pair burgundy shoes, and grey pants. A burgundy leather loafer is a great choice if you wear a pink shirt underneath a grey suit. You can accent your burgundy shoes by adding a subtle red stripe to your tie or accessories. You can also wear them alone with a simple grey suit and a white shirt. Grey Pants and Black Shoes A natural pairing is black shoes and grey pants. Black leather shoes should be worn in formal settings. Shiny black shoes can be paired with a charcoal suit to make them stand out at your next meeting. Black shoes can be dressed down with black loafers or leather sneakers paired with slim, grey trousers. This combination will make you look casual and not stuffy. Check out our guide for Styling a T-Shirt:


Does a light blue shirt go with grey pants?

Blue and grey are different shades of the same color, so it is okay to wear them together. Grey pants look more elegant when worn with light-blue shirts.

How do you match a polo shirt with khaki pants?

The right combination of colors for polo shirts and khaki pants is navy. Most men can wear a navy polo shirt with khaki pants and have their suit look good. The combination is classy, while still being casual enough for a date or going to work. This type of outfit will help make you feel as if you are ready for anything in life. You will not just feel great about yourself; people will take notice of how well dressed you are as well.

What do grey sweatpants go with?

Grey sweatpants are a popular type of pants that are generally seen in the U.S. in colder months. They are typically paired with a long-sleeved shirt, hoodie, or sweater. The best option for pairing grey sweatpants is really up to personal preference.


We hope our helpful tips for pairing your shirt with grey pants have helped you. Remember that clothing choice is what makes or breaks your overall appearance, so be sure to take your time when deciding on which combination to wear with grey pants. If you follow our tips and wear a shirt that is in style and fits well, you should look good while wearing grey pants. Thanks for reading our guide at, and feel free to comment below with any questions, comments, or concerns. Video: