Custom Shirts

Unleash your creativity and personality with custom printed shirts. It’s never been simpler.
What are

What Are Custom T-Shirts?

Designing T-shirts and having them printed is a popular way to add a personal touch to your wardrobe. And it's never been easier. Just send us your T-shirt design - we will bring your dream to your doorstep.

There are plenty of occasions you can create your own shirt: uniforms for your graduating class, items to give out in your upcoming business event, or simply a special gift for yourself and family.

Design tools at RareCustom can help you come up with unique ideas by leveraging an enormous library of fonts, templates, and artworks. We will then bring your ideas to life on the most comfortable custom tee shirts and custom polo shirts ever.

There is no need to tire out your legs walking through shopping malls or sit in front of your computer for hours, all just for getting a limited-edition T-shirt.

It's time to ditch the old shopping experience and be your own apparel designer!

Create everything scratch or add some minor edits to existing custom dress shirts designs - We've got you covered.

How to

How To Design Your Custom Shirts?

Pick a shirt

Choose the color and style you prefer.

Customize it

Add graphics and text using our designer tool. You can also upload your own artwork.

Place your order

Select size combinations and quantity.

Enjoy your shirts

RareCustom will print your shirts with care and deliver them to your door.

What Makes RareCustom Custom T-Shirts Different?

At RareCustom, we don’t just allow you to customize shirts but also strive to deliver the highest-quality service you deserve to have.

Outstanding Quality

We only select the best fabrics at competitive prices for your personalized T-shirts, which will be printed with care and accuracy on high-quality garments.

Endless Shirt Design Capability

Even if you come to us with no particular design in mind, our flexible custom shirt maker and library of illustrations, icons, layouts, and photos will help you make a shirt within minutes.

Fast Delivery

Fast lead time is one of our specialties. You will barely notice a difference in the order processing between our service and regular clothing stores. We'll ensure that your custom printed shirts arrive on time for your big event.

Exceptional Customer Service

We provide customized products, so we understand you expect caring and responsive support too. Our dedicated support staff is always ready to listen to you and have your back in every circumstance.

Who Are We?

RareCustom is a leading player in the on-demand T-shirt printing business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Quantity Requirement For My Order?

Our custom T-shirts platform has a no-minimum option where you aren’t limited to any restriction on the number of shirts you can order. Other sections could require a minimum order size.

How Much Do I Have To Pay For My Custom Made Shirts?

The cost of your T-shirts should depend on the quantity ordered, the style and fabric type, and the number of colors in your design.

How To Use The Sizing Chart? Which Measurements Should I Take?

You need to use a tape measure and run it around the fullest part of your chest to figure out your chest circumference. Stand at ease without puffing out or flexing your chest.

Next, measure the high point of your shoulder to a point a few inches below your waist. This length should be approximately the hem of your T-shirt.

If you have difficulty measuring or figuring your proper size, feel free to contact our customer service.

How About A Big Group? Which Size Should I Get?

The best plan to make shirts is to get the exact size for each person you’re giving a shirt to.

But we know this task isn’t always possible, especially when you have little idea of who is going to be wearing your T-shirts. So here’s a tip.

For most people, a slightly too big T-shirt is still acceptable, while it’s much more uncomfortable to fit in a size that’s too small. Therefore, the X and XL should make up the most of your order.

Are there any RareCustom custom shirts near me?

We offer online printing services, meaning you can design and buy custom made shirts without going anywhere.